I was one of five children with very Catholic parents growing up in Flint Michigan. As a child I had vivid dreams of future events and would sometimes see things that other people couldn’t. My mother didn’t know how to help me feel safe at night, so she advised me to ask God for the answers. As a result, I spent many restless nighttime hours praying. It turned out to be great advice. I started to notice that my dreams changed from fearful to helpful. After taking a course in Dream Interpretation, I began using my dreams for guidance in navigating the strange activity that surrounded me. Eventually, the nighttime activity decreased and I began to feel safer at night. Finally feeling in control of my surroundings I wanted more information. I decided I would explore the mysterious world with two rules. The first rule was to continue to seek guidance through prayer and my dreams. Secondly, my search for answers needed to be grounded in the physical world. I wanted to remain open but cautious by only accepting the teachings that were tried and true.

A Passionate Search for Answers:

Having decided knowledge is power, I developed an unquenchable thirst for answers. With a healthy dose of skepticism and a desire to “keep it real”, I delved into a myriad of studies, some conventional, some unconventional. It’s an eclectic list: psychology, religions of the World, Bible studies, Dream Interpretation, developing psychic abilities, remote viewing, past life regression, meditation, Tarot, Reiki, Healing Touch, hypnosis, Medical Intuitive, and many book studies on the lives of psychologists, saints, mystics, prophets, and philosophers. I attended group studies of “A Course in Miracles” and “A Search for God”. The thirst and studies remain ongoing as I noticed the more I studied, the more I began to draw experiences to myself. Some tested the boundaries of my beliefs. For example being healed and witnessing the healing of others during prayer.  I cannot explain how this is possible. I can only claim truth to my own experiences. As I was exploring this mysterious world, I played wife to an amazingly supportive husband and raised three very gifted and remarkable children. In 1983, I became a Registered Nurse, a profession through which I’ve enjoyed working with adults and children in the medical/surgical and the psychiatric fields. Translated; I have had the privilege and honor to walk many paths with many travelers and assist them during their most delicate and vulnerable challenges. By maintaining my balance between the physical realm of medical science and the more abstract realm of psychological and spiritual perceptions, I feel uniquely qualified to act as a bridge between the two worlds.